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However, she adored my family, so she continued to hang around with them - parents, brothers, etc.

Siblings Kissing On (SHE'S 12 YEARS OLD!?)

Fast forward another year or two, and they get married, so now my ex girlfriend is my sister-in-law Friend turns out to be a big asshole, me and the sister start dating. Meet her friends, turns out her and her sister hang in the same group. We date a couple years, I start attending family events regularly. Her sister starts becoming more comfortable around me, sees me as a brother now.

6 Celebrity Couples Who Played Siblings While They Were Dating

Her sister has been the most helpful person planning our wedding. We talked about everything once and agreed not to talk about it again unless something changes. He lied to me for years about their relationship while I knew they were into each other. How did I know?

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When we were broken up she cheated on me at college but still talking we got into a fight, and during the fight she told me she had sex with my brother. I never told him I knew until a while later when he asked me if they could be together, and lied to my face when I asked if they had ever been physical.

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But his actions speak for themselves and his and my relationship is weaker than when he used to pick on me as children. I dated them both in high school. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. He got the family back together. He reasoned with their parents.

People Who Married Or Dated Their Ex's Sibling Reveal How It Turned Out

He was a great father and a great brother. The fact that these two former co-stars are still dating even five years after meeting each other on set is bonkers. But speaking logistically, their parents fell in love and got married. So for two seasons, Serena and Dan were legally step-siblings.

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In real life, the couple dated until Never forget when Amy Poehler and Will Arnett who were married at the time played a brother-and-sister duo in Blades of Glory. Their real-life marriage made their cringe-worthy, borderline incestuous comedy scenes all the more hilarious.

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