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Also this isn't about basing a timeline off what other artists Taylor listens too. The timeline the person link literally has all the receipts.. Reply back to me in 80 years when Taylor, and Harry confirm who all their songs about, because honey, you ain't going to be getting a confirmation.

They're going to take this shit to their death bed. So, good luck with that. When I said Flicker, Niall had stated that that the entire album is about the same person. That being said, it doesn't matter to me which song on there, it's all relating to Gomez. Fuck it, I don't even care. Nobody knows anything, you, I, none. Only Taylor and Harry, or whomever is close to em.

You're still assuming speculation is the same as fact. The song itself being called Ruin The Friendship is the part that makes speculation understandable because they've publicised their friendship lately. The lyrics spelling their names is NOT anything except a possible coincidence. You can't say "The lyrics DO spell out their names" because that assumes Demi intended that when you have no idea if she did. Same with Olivia and cat names also number of writers lmao.

It's far more likely she thought "People will think I mean Nick" than "If I make each letter spell our names I was a hardcore 1d fan for the whole of and I never saw any speculation about Olivia being for Taylor. What does that have to do with lyrics? Or any of his lyrics? And yes he was arguably private then considering he never confirmed they were dating, never put her on his social media, never interacted with her on social media and generally remained media silent for the entire relationship.

Now you're twisting my words. What I won't go on is FAN speculation about song titles or names being spelled out. I don't see why I need to look at more pics of them on dates, I know they went on dates lmao. I know what they've confirmed and what they haven't. You're the one in denial for whatever reason.

You could've written this reply to yourself. He also later said he can't relate to every single song, just some of them. And at least one song is about the fans and the pressures they face to look good, so no, the entire album is not about the same person. I know he dated Gomez but aside from the On The Loose lookalike there is no immediate suggestion its about her either. The only other reason I'm inclined to believe OTL is about her is because she went back to Bieber after Niall the same way she later did after The Weeknd.

So OTL kinda matches that, and their own timeline dated Niall in early then potentially end of as well so he "fell for it twice". BUT that's not me saying its set in stone. He also had a lovers-to-friends relationship with Ellie Goulding so who knows? Niall's almost as unknown as Harry tbh.


I wasn't a hardcore 1D fan. Actually I didn't care for them at all. And I found a shitton of Tumblr threads and still can easily dig them up of, the speculation of Olivia. That was never my theory, those were the fans. Explains why you are in-denial about Haylor. Now you're getting all passive aggressive. Here are some of the basic "Olivia" is about Harry articles: I started agreeing with you the moment I re-read my post I had written a year ago: Earlier I assumed it was about Harry and had my rose googles on blinding me, but then I realized it isn't.

Fuck me for wanting to clear the air I guess. I agree with you on the creepy vibe, it's why I hate following Taylor subs. How many posts do we need calling her a "goddess", talking about "worshipping" her, or breakdowns of her relationship with some guy she dated 6 years ago? Daily posts about "where is Taylor? I need more Taylor! Does she hate us? I miss the old Taylor. If anyone is to blame for this post it's me. I asked the original question about who the song was about. OP just found the answer for me and backed up her sources. Point your ire in my direction, not hers.

I'm sure this comment was hard work and all, but who cares what you think at this point? Or at any point? Wow great write up! Awesome seeing the timeline all written out like that. I'd love to see one for the other guys! Thanks a lot for this! I was confused by it at times too. In my mind it went on for two years but it was barely three months. Her longest relationship was Calvin, with Joe about to overtake soon. None of her other relationships made it past three months. Would you consider the idea of doing additional timelines? The only other one I really know is Calvin.

Why Taylor Swift keeps falling for British men - from Tom Hiddleston to Joe Alwyn

I can do that one? And the Joe timeline would be fairly simple too haha. As a Swiftie and a Directioner also a larrie, who would've thought? I appreciate you for doing this, and please people, try to keep things civil in the comments please. Well what a shit show I've put myself into, anyway at least I'm not getting downvoted to hell and back. You cannot fake paternity for two years, you also cannot fake birth certificates and passports, both of which Freddie has.

LOL stop stop stop. You're a conspiracy theorist and none of this is remotely okay. The certificate is real. You still continue to deny it even though his signature was right there in front of you. Give me one good reason why Louis would keep going with a sham this monumental? If you're to believe he's so restricted he has to fake a child as his own for two years, how the hell did any of them have the power to go solo? If they're as restricted as you say, Cowell would've just kept them touring endlessly in the money making boy band where they were only second to Taylor in terms of money earnt.

It's ridiculous to see a 26 year old man with 8 years in showbiz as a hapless victim of circumstance with absolutely no idea how to legally get himself out of a situation where he's being made to fake being a father , and two entire families have to fake claim a baby as their relative. Why in gods name would they make Louis's terminally ill mother participate in stunts?? Why do larries ignore Louis comparing his parenting to his mothers?

Why would he ever do that if Freddie wasn't his boy? You need to stop. They had pics on Instagram of them in Doncaster, and one of Louis's sisters posted a pic of her feeding Freddie. Faking a passport is fraud. Louis chose to stay with Syco, don't remove his own agency from it to make it more convenient. Can you provide the proof for this? Because that's really interesting, because that is something big if somebody got an official one.

Several larries literally paid for a copy, you'd have to start googling around tumblr early There's also some stuff here about it from an anti blog. If you didn't know, those sheets of paper can be really powerful and can put you unnder anything if you agree on them. Louis signed with Syco at a very young age and being naive, that isn't a good combo. Oh look, more robbing him of his agency. He never tried to escape, never tried to imply he was being imprisoned? Never bothered leaving the label that supposedly did this to him?

His bandmates all just left him there? Harry had a court order taken out to maintain privacy near his house but Louis just went "Oh well guess I have to pretend to be a dad forever now"? His mother, who would've rearranged the planets for him, just got to work participating in her son's imprisonment, and allowed her younger daughters to do the same, and even continued stunting when terminally ill?

Strict contracts are a Hollywood staple, yes, but no one who has ever been under one has been made to fake a whole entire family member that isn't actually theirs. No one has ever been made to fake a child and to what end? What has faking Freddie done? That's the thing, for example, Niall and Louis are still under contract with Syco, so they are still possibly under their original contracts.

Nothing that you said here can be used as proof of Freddie being his son. Parents also have to sign contracts to allow their child to even participate on the program, so probably his mother might've been under some restriction on the information she could share with the public about her son. Louis comparing his parenting to his mother's dosen't prove anything also.

You don't relate your life experiences to your dead mother's just for shits and giggles. Have some goddamn respect. Wich pics of course proof of the passport being real, right? No, it does not, because it dosen't imply it. You can't take a baby overseas with a fake passport! You can't fake passports. The world is not watching, so why keep up a sham involving potential fraud and an actual baby when they're not even getting a huge effect from it?

Again, what's the point? By the way, telling me to stop without giving an argument that changes my mind, won't make me stop. I will have to stop this here, because I didn't come here to be insulted and called a undecent person because of some stupid comment, learn not to insult in a debate. However, I will check the sources you cited, specially the Tumblr blog you cited.

This subreddit isn't the place to discuss this but we can continue on PMs if you want. Nope, not interested in debating facts. Louis is a dad, Harry is dating Camille. There's nothing to discuss. Speculating their entire lives and relationships are lies is indecent, and disrespectful, as Louis has said. Louis talked last year about how it did in fact make it more difficult for them to be friends. Harry has been dating Camille Rowe since last August. Louis has a 2 year old son. There's no need to be speculating that any of this is a lie or "stunt", particularly not when the people involved tell you it's disrespectful.

Larries use this theory as a way of hating on the women in their lives hence all their criticism about Eleanor or Briana getting plastic surgery, as if that has anything to do with larrie. If you meant you just ship them casually and understand it's not real, then that's cool. Louis has maintained since that the speculation damaged their friendship. Why would he keep maintaining the same thing if it weren't true? We would see them talking normally and interacting as friends despite what the interviews said, and yet Louis has twice tweeted Harry since the hiatus began but Harry has not responded.

I know Harry is silent in general but he tweeted Niall when he dropped This Town, and Liam said recently that they met up.

It doesn't matter if you don't actively insult the women, you're part of a group that does, they justify it. It took me a long time to figure out that as long as I'm part of the group, I'm giving it power. I can respect Eleanor and Briana or Danielle, remember the shit larries put on her?

I don't need "proof", been there done that.

Welcome to Reddit,

Yes, they were still interacting in a friendly manner in the band, also Louis saying that he is very proud of Harry being in Dunkirk, Harry went to Louis presentation on the X Factor in They haven't publicly interacted since Louis has made several tweets and comments but Harry has not reciprocated. Obviously they were all at the XF but again that was not publicised. Maybe Louis wanted his skin cleared up or a mole removed. I'm not saying the baby was photoshopped in.

There's no reason to do that.

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And I don't have the blame of some stupid people do, they will keep on doing it even if no one has their back. If you didn't want proof, then why are we having this debate? And talking about that GIF, I can't even see who's who in there. It seems like Jay hugging some girl, wich I can't recognize. The 20 stitches were on Harry's chin. I clarified in the December section. She and Harry crashed their snowmobile and he needed 20 stitches on his chin. She told Rolling Stone her life flashed before her eyes and that she was hurt, but not as hurt as Harry, assumedly.

The OOTW bridge details it. The conspiracy shippers have said this is when they began to fade out because what was supposed to be a largely PR based relationship even if they did have feelings for each other became a bit too real once they had the accident. Kinda reminds me of how Tayvin ended a week after Taylor clearly wasn't there for Calvin after his car crash. I think Haylor ended 2 weeks or so after the snowmobile accident. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Harry Styles on Dating Taylor Swift Breakup Songs | Time

They meet at the Kids Choice Awards. Harry is photographed kissing a model. Taylor starts up with Conor. She immediately starts dating Harry. Red is released on the 22nd Oct. Want to add to the discussion? This is an unnamed "friend" which Harry's rep denied: I also have no clue why Taylor would allow some friend to speak for her personal life like this. That sounds like a Larrie or Kaylor theory. Downvotes for the explanation taylor literally gave hahahaha. It also makes me laugh when people complain, yet still took time to read and comment?

Conor and Taylor's last time spotted in public. Red released Oct Conor split confirmed Nov 7: Paper plane necklaces Nov It's NOT about Harry. I don't think any songs on Red are about Harry. Could easily be about John Mayer or Jake. And again that Woman masterpost is just the writer assuming they know what Harry's thinking.

I have no idea what you're even talking about? All I see was you were getting passive aggressive. Okay so you should've just said that once you got it lmao. Because this place rarely has those kind of posts. I put it here bc people were confused. I don't know enough about her pre-Red days to do one. Niall is with Capitol. You need to get your shit together and start being a decent person.

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A post shared by Tom Hiddleston twhiddleston onFeb 14, at 5: Tom and Taylor's relationship was doomed from the beginning as the pair were constantly in the limelight and the pressures of constantly being in the public eye forced them to part ways. Who else genuinely thought this was going to last forever?! Calvin and Taylor seemed destined for one another However it wasn't to be and it even got a little messy with both sides deleting every trace of each other existing on their social media accounts. Taylor's most high profile relationship was with One Direction hunk Harry Styles in one of the most a-list couples you're ever likely to see.

Although they only dated for approximately 2 months at the end of , many still ship the pair! The grandson of President JFK and a barrister in his own right dated Taylor for almost a year back in before them splitting due to long distance troubles. A post shared by John Mayer johnmayer onMar 18, at 6: Ready for some more break-up music? At only 19 years old, Taylor dated John before the two fell out with one another and of course Swift wrote the single 'Dear John' in retaliation.

With lyrics such as, ' Don't you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home.

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Taylor and Taylor were meant to be after meeting on the set of rom-com 'Valentine's Day' however in just three months the pair called it a day. See more Taylor Swift Music.